Welcome to Hi, My name is Tamara Harris and I am a single Mom of 4 kids still at home and 3 that are grown, yep that’s 7 if your counting, lol. So what is Paparazzi??? And why am I here??? Well, to answer these questions we need to back up just a bit, so bare with me as I make this long story short (I hope). I’ve always wanted my own business, I’ve always dreamed of staying home with my kids and being Mommy. But time continued to rush by and nothing ever seemed to be it for me. So I continued on the hamster wheel of trying to get by. Moving forward to about 5 years ago, my girlfriend had a jewelry party at her home and I spent $180 on jewelry that is still sitting in the boxes. Why???? Because I have super sensitive ears. And though the jewelry was Hypo-Allergenic, I was still unable to wear the earrings. Honestly, I gave up, the only earrings that didn’t seem to bother my ears was piercing earrings.

Well move forward 2 years, and this same friend tells me she’s having another Jewelry Party. Ummm my response???? Ya you can imagine, I so wasn’t interested. But this is my best friend that we’re talking about, and the jewelry is only $5.00 and Nickel and Lead Free. So I watched this Facebook Live Video, and I just couldn’t resist purchasing a few adorable items. I spent only $30 and in a few days they were at my home. I couldn’t believe it!!! I tried the earrings and my ears didn’t start itching!!! They didn’t break out!!! No Keloids!!!! And then I tried another pair of earrings, and had my daughter do the same, and found out that for the first time in my life I was able to wear earrings everyday, all day long and NOT suffer for two-three weeks while my ears healed. So long story short, I got ahold of the Host of the Jewelry Party and asked her how can I sell this Amazing Product as well??? That’s when I joined the team, and haven’t looked back. Any Questions or Comments, please feel free to ask, Thank you for Reading and God Bless.

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  1. Updated Information 🙂 As you know all Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories are nickel and lead free. But did you know that they’re also cadmium Free. All of our jewelry  is made of mixed metals, such as steel, aluminum, other metals, plastic, wood, and organic components.   
    Featuring unique original design, style, and feel and is  designed in the United States.

  2. I wanna join it’s just money issue right now but when I do I wanna join your team

    1. I can’t wait for you to join my team, you’re going to do amazing. 🙂

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